Monday, September 7, 2015

Hole in the Wall: Smoky Bastard and Bad Bird

When the food court evolved.

Because me and my friends are in constant search for good food I went to Century Mall with my buddies, Ate Shy, Mitch and Ate Agnes with Ate Rona this time. The Hole in the Wall was featured a couple of times through food blogs and television shows. I've been hearing a lot of this new food court and it was advertised to me by Allie plus I haven't been to this new mall in Makati. Oh well, when did I go to Makati anyway? I seldom go to Makati and yes I am not really a mall rat but with the evolution of food industry even the food courts are also evolving. One that I love is the food court of SM Aura and Hole in the Wall is not to miss. So it got me curious. My "thoughts self" got kicked in and checked the menu through their website prior to us visiting the place. 

There's a lot to choose from but sadly I no see no pasta restaurant. Also, Hole in the Wall restaurants are not really a hole in the wall price restaurants. So it's better to check out their prices before heading to this place. 

Ate Rona and Mitch bought beers from Smoky Bastard, I got to taste their craft beers which became really popular these days. I remember how I would asked Allie what craft beers are. Do you know? I am not really sure yet if I understand as far as I know these are all traditionally made beers not really commercialize.  

Bad Bird
So there is no pasta, I went for birds instead. They're known for the umami spices spread through their chickens. I was so hungry that I chose Corn and Coleslaw Plate Spicy Level. I've heard that the Fried Rice with Bacon is the best.  

Corn and Coleslaw Plate 

Dirty Rice Plate

And because I've missed other food stores in Hole in the Wall. I might come back here with my friend, Irish since she is just a "tumbling away" from the area. Would you like to join us? We would love to. 

Hole in the Wall
4th Floor, Century Mall, Kalayaan Avenue cor. Salamanca Street, 
Poblacion, Makati City

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  1. hey ja!!! :) congrats to ur blog. I'm so proud of you!

    so, how was the craft beer?